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Guest Interviews

Watch our beer interviews and learn more about what it means to brew gluten free.

KCAL Radio Interview with Nikki Preston

Four Brewer’s podcast
An episode that was taped back when our Head Brewer Robert was still a Home Brewer. It’s always been important for Robert to get the word about gluten-free beer.

Basic Brewing with James Spencer
Robert appears as a representing member of the Zero Tolerance Gluten Free Homebrewing club with founder Joe Morris and member Ed Golden – to talk about various ways that you can brew gluten free and various considerations.

Audio from Interviews

Head Brewer Robert Keifer appears for the Second time on Beer Ambassador to Introduce Divine Science Brewing to the Southern California Market
Head Brewer Robert Keifer appears for a Third time on Beer Ambassador to talk about new locations and the do a review about Third Contact IPA

Fun Reads

Best Gluten Free Beers
Our dear friend Lindsi Kay does an amazing job to aggregate all the gluten-free breweries around the world! Visit her page to learn about all the gluten-free beers currently on the market. Subscribe and get access to her various tasting videos of GF brands all over America.

Robert is quoted in this article talking about how flavor comparisons between certain beer styles (from gluten-containing to gluten-free) can be difficult when using similar names.

Homebrewers Association
Our Head Brewer Contributes a March Special on the American Homebrewers’ Association Website. Whether you’re new to gluten free or not, and are wondering what is the difference between us and gluten reduced, you can learn more in this article.

Zero Tolerance Homebrew Club Celebrates First Year Anniversary
Our Head Brewer Robert Keifer collaborated on an Imperial Stout that will be aged on bourbon barrel and cherries.

Robert’s Adaptation of Ghostfish Brewing’s Grapefuit IPA
Look no further! Here is a great recipe for anyone curious about brewing at home! Brew your own tropical IPA with the perfect amount of grapefruit. Start with this and try it with your own variations of hops on the next one.

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