What is Gluten Free beer? Is Gluten Reduced the same?

Gluten Free beer is made with out any gluten containing ingredients such as barley, wheat, rye and their pseudo grains. Gluten reduced beer is made with gluten containing ingredients and with an enzyme cleave off gluten protein chains so when tested the results shower lower levels or lower ppm.
If the test is looking for ABBABA but only finds ABB and ABA then it does not count it in the ppm. The same amount of gluten is still in the beverage with or without the enzyme.

Where is your taproom? Are families and dogs allowed?

Our Taproom is located at 15481 Red Hill Ave Suite C Tustin, CA
We are open Wednesday- Sunday. We allow adults with their children and encourage you to bring in food. We allow dogs but they must adhere to the same rules- no fighting or loud behavior.

Do you serve food in the taproom?

We have prepackaged foods like pop corners and soft baked pretzels. (yes they are gluten free and vegan). We have food pop ups on occasion and strongly encourage you follow our social media or join the newsletter to be notified when the pop ups occur. You are always welcomed to bring in your own food.

How do I get your beer near me?

You can visit our beer Finder page to see what is closest to you. We are sold at BevMo, Total Wine & more all over California in their gluten free sections. We are also available at select SoCal Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions. As well as smaller retailer partners and bars.
We encourage you to ask your local bar about us as the more you ask the more likely they will carry us. Most bar managers tell us “If more people asked we would carry you” so let’s speak up and tell them what you want! You can send us their contact info to our email address info@divinesciencebrewing.com