All of our craft beer creations are made from premium malted grains like Millet, Buckwheat, Rice, and Quinoa, which are 100% gluten free.

Third Contact IPA

Third Contact IPA has an incredible aroma and taste of tropical fruit and citrus. “Third Contact” happens when the sun finally peaks over the moon during a solar eclipse – thus ending total darkness… and now Southern California will no longer be in artificial darkness – there is now hope for a 100% Gluten-Free beer.
This beer is what happens when the past meets the future. A delicately balanced and bright IPA, it looks just like the classic West Coast IPAs that everyone grew up loving, but with a light body just like the newer BRUT IPA, this beer has an incredibly crisp finish that warms you in the winter but refreshes you in the summer. This beer is perfect for any season!

Event Horizon Blonde

Event Horizon: A Blonde style Ale with a pleasantly Crisp taste and Earthy aroma, this beer is sure to quench all palates. This Beer uses a blend of Millet, Rice, and Organic Maize to create a truly balanced and highly drinkable experience. Clocking in at 4% ABV and only 120 Calories per can, you don’t even have to feel guilty about having a session!

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