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Contact Us FAQ:

What types of grains do you use?
We use certified gluten free ingredients like rice, millet, buckwheat and corn.

Where is your brewery?
We currently don’t have location to visit. But you can find our beers all over CA- use our beer finder page to locate the nearest store to you.

What is the difference between gluten free and gluten reduced?
Gluten Free means there is no gluten at all in the product. It was made in a facility that had no cross contamination and used all gluten free ingredients.
Gluten Reduced means the product contains gluten. There was a chemical added before fermentation that “cuts up” gluten chains. These smaller chains are able to bypass the current testing methods resulting in a “reduced level of gluten”. There is still the same amount of gluten in the product but your body may react slower as it comes in contact with these smaller chains.

How can I get beer in my local store? Who do I contact?
You can always tell your store about us and tell them to email divinesciencebrewin@gmail.com
We are steadily expanding across California and can reach out if you share the store name, city. Talking to the store Beer Buyer directly gets the quickest results.

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