About Us

There are some things Science can explain, for everything else… There’s the Divine…

We are fascinated by the timelessness of beer, its influence over people, and its influence over Science and our understanding of it. Our Mission is that everyone be able to partake in this miracle of a beverage that has brought wonder and inspiration to generations of people the world over.

Our Head Brewer and Owner Robert Keifer became Gluten-Free in 2010, and immediately noticed how few gluten free beers the world had to offer, especially in Southern California. He tried “Gluten Reduced” beers, but the issues didn’t go away. He found hope with some imported brands, and knew something more could be done. He began to homebrew, and knew once his beers started placing in competitions next to regular beer, that there should be a local presence for 100% Gluten-Free beer.

Our Grains are sourced from local American farms and local malt houses (Grouse Malting & Roasting (Wellington, CO), Eckert Malting (Chico, CA) that are dedicated Gluten-Free facilities. In the brewhouse, we maintain the highest standards to make sure you never have to worry about Parts Per Million (PPM) or “Legal Limitations”… this beer will always be Gluten-Free.

Robert Keifer – President and Head Brewer